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Tools I work with

Dreamweaver CS5

I will build your website in Dreamweaver CS5, the industry-standard tool for web-authoring preferred by most professional web designers. Dreamweaver allows for the creation of custom-designed pages coded to web standards in a very efficient manner. For large websites containing many pages, Dreamweaver allows the web author to "automate" the production of pages that contain similar elements (such as navigational links and the site's graphic design framework) but have different content on each of the many pages.

Fireworks CS5 and Photoshop

I am proficient in the use of both Photoshop and Fireworks. These are the two image-editing programs I use to create custom-designed graphic imagery for your website, and to crop, re-size, color-correct, or otherwise creatively manipulate photographs and non-photographic images. All of the photos and graphic images used in your website will be optimized in Fireworks, the industry-standard program for this purpose, to balance resolution with file size for fast page downloads and crisp, visually compelling images.

Fluid grid and media queries

I am now designing websites using a fluid grid and media queries — which means that all elements are designed to re-configure, re-position, and or re-size themselves to optimize the look and the function of each page regardless of whether the page is viewed on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. To see recent examples of my work in this regard, view and also www.


I am also now using JQuery to create many of the same animated effects that can also be created in Flash so that these animated effects can be seen in newer browsers and on platforms that have stopped supporting Flash.


I use the Flash Video Encoder to convert video you may have in other file formats to .flv files to insert in your web pages.  Flash .flv files will display in most modern browsers and this is the most uniformly accessible form of video on the web today.

Microsoft Excel

This program is a very useful tool for efficiently importing tabular data into a webpage. So if data you wish to display in your website is stored in Excel files, this is the program I would use to efficiently import it to your website.

HTML5, CSS, JQuery and other Javascript, PHP (Zend Framework), SQL

These are the main coding and/or application programming languages which I will be utilizing to code your website.