Services Offered

New websites

I design unique, custom websites for each client, tailored to your purposes for the website and your sense of aesthetic. Sites are designed using web standards and CSS to ensure they will display appropriately and beautifully on any browser or operating system, and layouts are designed for ease of maintenance and updating. Graphics are optimized in Fireworks to balance resolution with file size for fast downloads and crisp, visually compelling graphics.

Website re-designs or "upgrades"

Does your website look dated? Or less professional than you would like it to present? Whether it's additional features you're looking for, a new "branding," more visually compelling graphics, faster page download times, or a way to add new content to existing content seamlessly and harmoniously, I can help you repackage, revamp and upgrade your presence on the web.

Fluid grid and media queries

I am now designing websites using a fluid grid and media queries — which means that all elements are designed to re-configure, re-position, and or re-size themselves to optimize the look and the function of each page regardless of whether the page is viewed on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. To see recent examples of my work in this regard, view and also www.

Website maintenance

Among the services I offer is maintaining your site for you after it is built. Of course if you prefer to maintain your own site, that is fine too and care will be taken in its construction to design it in such a way that makes this as easy as possible for you.


Building your own website? Need some advice on user-friendly site design, how to ensure your site will function and display well on all browsers and operating systems, or any other aspect of implementing your own design? I am happy to offer this service as well.


For clients who would like to perform some of the routine (or not so routine!) updating and maintenance of their own sites but aren't sure how to use the software or do what's involved in maintaining the site, I am happy to train you or someone in your organization to maintain your own site. Where clients wish to maintain their own sites, special care is taken to design the site in such a way as to facilitate this.

Logos and Graphic Design

If you already have a well-defined vision in your mind or on a piece of paper of the graphic-design framework you can see containing and enhancing the contents of your website, I can layout and code your site to bring that exact vision to life on the screen. I do not use "canned" or pre-made page templates but rather create unique designs tailored to each client's purposes and aesthetic preferences. If you feel you need assistance figuring out a functional and beautiful frame for your content, I think you'll find the collaborative process enjoyable and the result satisflying.

Search Engine Optimization

Professional web design means more than just an attractive page. Proper coding, efficient page layout, well-organized information architecture, and compliance with the latest web standards are all key elements in professional web design. Superior design influences not only the visual impact your site makes, but also how well it ranks with search engines.

And of course I also work with my clients to define appropriate description- and keyword-metatags for all important pages in the site to ensure proper crawling and indexing of your website’s content by Google and the other important search engines.  We want those looking for the kind of information you have on your website to be able to find YOUR website when they do a search.

Simple Database Integrations

Using the MySQL database and the PHP programming language (Zend Framework).