Collaborating with my Clients

These are my goals for every client.

How do we accomplish this? By working together in a highly collaborative process which starts with input from you in the following key areas:

Effective site development is a highly interactive process. Therefore, as I begin to layout and code your site, you are invited to view progressive draft pages of your site online in order to give immediate feedback to ensure efficient progress toward the goals we’ve set for ourselves.

All websites I am building today are CSS-based and constructed according to W3C web standards in order to maximize cross-browser compatibility and to allow for ease of updating and faster page-download times. The use of W3C standards and CSS also improve SEO (search engine optimization) results and enhance future-forward compatibility with newer versions of browsers that are constantly coming out.

Finally, before launch your site is meticulously tested for xhtml or HTML5 compliance, as well as CSS compliance, cross-browser compatibility, and proper navigational performance.

If you are interested in exploring collaboration with me on your next website or website “upgrade,” I would welcome the contact.